1. Some folks are just born mean.


  2. Just wrapped up my submission to @dymsobryan ‘s Radio Zine. Can’t wait to see what everyone else submitted!


  3. soundslikeaplan asked: hello, what software do you use? I am an illustrator fan, but that may be because I don't know any others…. :)

    I primarily use Manga Studio 5.  I usually take my artwork into Photoshop for any sort of final treatments, color mixing, etc.  

    Recommending software is a tricky thing.  Here are my opinions on the matter:

    1) Pen pressure in Photoshop is TERRIBLE.  If you want to make use of a lot of feathering or varied line weights Manga Studio 5 is fantastic.  It’s the closest to using physical pen and ink I’ve found.  The Frenden brush set changed everything for me.

    2) If you prefer to use Photoshop, Kyles T. Webster’s brush set is amazing.  You get a ton of options, and some fantastic selection of different media simulations.

    3) Illustrator is a tool I use for any type pieces, or projects that need to be scaled to various different sizes like a logo or large banner.  If your desired effect is something clean, perfect, and scaleable then Illustrator is a great tool for that.  

    4) If you’re using a Cintiq, or Wacom Tablet, your nibs make a big difference!  Play around with them and see what you like best.  I usually use the Stroke Nibs, since I love a lot of variation in line weight.  

    Hope this helps!


  4. overly optimistic.


  5. fmyeyes:

    Looking through old sketchbooks.


  6. Sam Sneed over at Night Visions reached out to me about doing a poster for an upcoming show they are bringing to Louisville with Mike Simonetti and Bottin!  I had a blast working on this one, and i think it turned out pretty cool.  If you’re in the Louisville area on April 11th you should check it out.


  7. #louisvillelove is in the air… and by air, I mean the App Store. Here are my contributions. If you love this city prove it!


  8. In honor of my 420th follower, I present Super High Lumpy Guy.



  10. I got really emotional drawing this sequence for Death•After•Life.  Still, I had to make a gif of it.


  11. Death After Life.


  12. Letterpress calendar I worked on for ForestGiant.com


  13. See You In Hell


  14. I don’t like you a’lot.


  15. Quick comic about a weird dream.