2. Really though.


  3. "Though it had been centuries, it was as if we had never left. We were home."



  5. Disposable thoughts, by disposable people, on disposable paper.


  6. "In our prime we were savages.  God’s among men, free of all the trappings of the mundane world. We were fucking untouchable."



  8. The Ultimate Mutant Poseur.



  10. This goes out to all of you that only dance when you’re alone.

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  11. "Wanna see me dead or locked in a prison."
    Danny Brown: 25 Bucks


  12. "I can feel your energy from two planets away."
    - Kendrick Lamar: Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe


  13. Hunks, Lumps, Playboys, and Chumps.


  14. "I got these boppas goin’ craaazy."
    - A$AP Rocky: Purple Swag


  15. Slime your iPhone with these SLIMY WALLPAPERS!

    SLIMY 01
    SLIMY 02
    SLIMY 03